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Repair Service

Here at RC Hobby Centre we offer a product repair service for our customers who may not have the tools and test equipment or technical experience to repair their models themselves.

If you are interested in this service please read below.

What do we Repair?

Well, most things Radio Controlled as well as electrical and electronic items. It doesn’t have to be one of our models or products as long as we have the parts and know-how we are happy to offer the service. If we can’t do the work, we will tell you straight away and with no charge to you. We specialise in RC vehicle repairs, technical and electronic issues particularly.

We do not repair things like a damaged wing on your aeroplane for example.

We have a full electronic lab here with the tools and test equipment required. All our technical repairs and testing are carried out by our in-house electronics engineer.

Before we take on any repair work we will need to assess the level of repair to see if it is viable to do for both parties.

To use this service and get your model or item repaired, you will need to contact us in the first instance via email at stating the nature of the fault or repair and the product model number if known. You can email photos of the product if that helps explain the issue.

If the repair is for physical damage, you will need to attach photographs of the damage for us to assess. We will use these images to give you an initial idea of the costs involved and whether we have the necessary parts required in stock. If the product is deemed feasible and cost effective for repair we will send you an estimate for the cost and any lead times that may be involved.

If your product has just stopped working, but there are no signs of physical damage, send us the symptoms or explain as best as you can in the email as to what you think has happened. IMPORTANT - If the nature of the fault could be anything to do with the Radio Control, please ensure you send us the transmitter as well. We can then test the complete package before we return it.

If you are happy with the estimate and want to go ahead, just sent us the items, packaged well so we can return them to you in good shape to the repair address we sent you in the estimate email.

If the price is going to differ by more the 10% of this estimate, we will contact you first to let you know and before we carry out the work to get you approval.

When the repairs are completed we will contact you to let you know the final cost and arrange payment. Once the funds have cleared we will return the item to the return address given.

Please note, if we find a product is not faulty, i.e. it works fine here in the workshop there will be a admin charge to cover our inspection time and return shipping costs. You’ll be surprised at how many items we see that are not actually faulty. We think this is a fair policy for both parties.

At busy times (summertime particularly)  it can take up to 28 days to carry out repairs due to some of the lead time on spares etc. Often the repairs are completed much quicker.

You can always contact us at to check up on how we are doing!

Happy hobbies!

RC Hobby Centre

Rigol DS1052D oscillosope