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28006 380 Series Electric Motor 1/16 Scale HSP etc.

Replacement brushed motor 380 size, suits 1/16 Scale Std. Buggy, Truck etc.

Supplied with wires fitted.

To get the best out of any brushed motor it is advised to 'run in' the motor to allow the new brushes to seat to the shape of the motors commutator. This is best done wil a bench power supply but can also be done by gently running the motor under minimum power for one battery charge before going full pelt!

We can do this for you if you wish. Just let us know via email once you have ordered one and we will do it for you. All apart of the service here a RC Hobby Centre.

HSP Part Number: 28006

L40mm D25mm
Voltage: 6-9V (7.2V or 8.4V)
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HSP 28006 380 Series Electric Motor 1/16 Scale etc.

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Product Code 28006