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Product Description

The charger doctor is a useful tool for monitoring the voltage and current consumption of any item you are using via a USB port.

Monitor the charging state of your USB devices or the current of you smart phone. Check the voltage output of the USB port under load. Determine if a port is rated at just 100mA or full 500mA USB spec.

The Charger Doctor can monitor up to a 3 Amp load so suitable for use with higher power USB chargers. The data lines are passed straight though the device so won't effect any data communication with the device on test.

The unit will operate from a 3.5-7VDC input voltage (although most USB devices tend to be around 4.75 to 5.25) and up to 3 amps of output current. It alternately flips between voltage and current displays every 3 seconds or so. It's a very handy tool for testing all types of USB devices, checking load levels and fault finding battery chargers and any USB project you are working on.

USB 1.x , 2.x - all data speeds. Does not have USB V3.0 pins so USB V3.0 connections will automatically downgrade to V2
Working Range: 0-3A, 3.5~7VDC
Resolution: 10mV / 10mA
Operating Temperature: 0-60ºC
Dimensions: L53mm x W21mm x H15mm
Weight: 16.2g


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Charger Doctor USB Voltage and Current monitor

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